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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Being Snooty - Tim Cantor

I'd like you to direct your attention for a moment, not to films or your Porn, but to some actual culture: paintings. Art. The silent prose. And the art I bring you today is much more than just fruits in a bowl, or a silly little soup can. These are much more than that, they are both abstract and symbolic, without having to be confusing and stupid. Like most all art is these days. I can't walk one foot down a gallery, servants at my helm, without seeing some black-and-white photo of a half-naked lesbian. no no, nothing like that here in my gallery. What follows are the works of the great Tim Cantor.

I call it 'Mystery of the Female Orgasm'.

Tim Cantor is a bit of a hidden gem in his own right, huddled out in a little gallery store in downtown San Diego, California. His works are amazing, and the artist himself is nowhere near as ebullient as his canvas. In his book The Art of Tim Cantor he is described as very shy, a creative being that only comes out at night to spread brush-after-meticulous-brush of paint on his next work.

That ain't cheap, but it sure is pretty.

His works range for the detailed and maddening, to some of the simplest images given the greatest detail (i.e. a series of water drops he did, looks amazing). Each accompanied by a short, explanatory poem. Talking to Tim at his gallery, he gives explanation to the poems as "a way to explain the meaning of my paintings," being as shy as he is. This aura of timidness gives the name a personality, and more of an image than anything.

That's a lot of fish.

Appreciate his art. Bask in it. The process it takes the make these, the shear amount of precision and layering done, rivals that of surgeons and Disney animators combined. Blah blah blah blah, kiss ass, he's amazing. Check him out, look him up, give him a read. Inject yourself with a little of the back-alley forms of entertainment and art, not just the kind you can find on Redtube. Heathens.

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