An 'Afraid of Stand-Up' and 'Film Harvest' group.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

If only all protests involved lesbianism.

A Russian art group staged an unusual anti-police protest in Moscow - by showering policewomen with kisses.

Voina has posted a video of clips on YouTube of women members approaching female officers on duty and kissing them on the mouth.

The footage is shown to a fast-paced Yiddish song, entitled Down With the Police, that dates from the early 20th century.

It shows a series of Voina activists approaching policewomen, mostly in the Moscow Metro, where they ask a question, then try to aggressively kiss them on the mouth.

Many of the officers struggle to break free of the embrace, in one clip nearly falling off a station platform.

On its Twitter blog the group claimed to have kissed "several hundred" policewomen.

"Voina, in the face of activists of its militant-feminist wing, has initiated the rite of kissing cops and their cop abuse," a Voina statement said, on the blog

It's not the first time that the group has targeted police. Another recent stunt involved turning over police cars in Saint Petersburg.

Their most famous achievement however was painting a giant penis on one of the rising bridges in Saint Petersburg so that it rose to face the offices of the FSB security service.

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